What's New with VetRec: May Edition

It's been an action-packed month at VetRec HQ, and we're thrilled to share all the updates with you. A huge thanks to all the veterinarians who use VetRec daily and share their valuable feedback. Keep it coming! We're committed to addressing your suggestions and rolling out updates as quickly as possible. Let's dive into what's new!



New Features ✨

Pre-history Summary πŸ€–

VetRec makes it easy to take one of those long, 15-page Banfield patient-history documents (or any PDF) and summarize them for you in 30s. The summary include key information related to history, physical exams, medications, vaccine status, treatments and tests.

Get started directly on app.vetrec.io or watch our quick tutorial!

Pulse Export πŸ“€

We are adding support to export your notes from VetRec to Covetrus Pulse. By using our Chrome Extension, with one click, you can have your records exported and saved for a patient in Covetrus Pulse.

Download our Chrome Extension to start exporting your notes.

Record As πŸŽ™οΈ

We heard from many of you the issue of having to log in and out of VetRec in the computers within consultation rooms. That ideally, you wanted to have a single account that is logged in everywhere, and that doctors can use. At the same time, you want to still be able to choose what doctor a given visit belongs to.

To answer this need, we enabled the Record As feature. By setting your account to administrator in your team, you can choose from the users in your team to impersonate. This means doctors no longer need to sign into their account each time they step into a room, but instead can simply pick from the dropdown.

Check out our quick video tutorial.

PDF Export πŸ“„

Whether you are exporting your notes to a PiMS or want to share a copy of them, VetRec now makes it easy to download the notes as a PDF. This capability ensures that all the styling is maintained and the notes are downloaded in a pristine format. Simply go to the notes you want to download and press the three dots button to select download as PDF.

Coming soon πŸš€

VetRec is coming to iOS and Android

As announced in the last update, the VetRec apps are approaching. We expect for them to be live and in your hands in the next couple weeks!


Improved Discharge Notes and Client Communications

Since the beginning of VetRec, we have always provided discharge notes for each visit. Those discharge notes have helped us get a ton of feedback about what doctors are looking for in their discharge notes and more generally in their client communications. Similar to SOAP notes, doctors also have different styles and preferences for their discharge notes. Some of you like professional sounding notes, vs other like more cutesy or playful ones. It really depends on whether the audience is a pet parent or another doctor (i.e. rDVM). Β With this in mind, we are revamping our entire discharge notes to include more customization and options.

Template Library

Built into VetRec we have several templates that can be used as a starting point with the product. But we know that most of of users actually like to create their own templates. In the past months, we have helped hundreds of doctors create templates ranging from GP to ER to Specialty like Neuro, Dermatology, Ortho, etc. With the permission of many of these doctors, we will be compiling a library of some of the most popular templates. You will be able to use these directly or use them as a starting point as you customize your own template!


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