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How It Works

Record. Process. Generate.

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1. Record the consultation

Start recording with the click of a button. Go about the consult normally and don't worry about pets making noise!

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2. Process session

Once the session is done, let VetRec process it. Make sure to use one of our built-in templates or create your own fully-customizable SOAP template!

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3. Generate notes

After 30 seconds (yes 30!) the notes will be ready! Review and integrate them into your PiMS.


Don't take our word for it!

Even more testimonials!
a man with a sethoscope

Luis Pizarro

DVM, Veterinary Emergency Group

"VetRec is a great app to have.  Definitely gives you flexibility and the option to control your time better. As we all know, time is invaluable and I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders with the time spent on remembering each case I've seen."

 a person with dog

Sergio Mujica

VT, Cooper City Animal Clinic

"VetRec is super accurate. I use with our doctors and it is very simple to use. I do have more time to focus on the pet during the consult rather than on taking notes while talking."

A lady with two dogs

Rachel Loesch

Medical Director, DVM, Fremont Animal Hospital

"We have been using VetRec recently and have been very impressed with quality and how attentive and responsive the founders are.  They are always trying to make changes to help the program be more efficient and accurate, and there have been excellent improvements!"

lady in blue clothes

Sarah Bartolic

DVM, Veterinary Emergency Group

"I have mainly been using it to take my histories and it has been extremely helpful. Not only does it save me time, but I don't have to worry about remembering everything the owner says and it weeds out the unimportant information. I really appreciate the team being so responsive and fixing issues + adding features before I have time to report them."

Matthew Connolly

DVM, Connolly Animal Clinic

"VetRec has improved my work flow greatly. I no longer have to take notes or go back and remember what all said to the client while I was speaking to them in the exam room. This program filters out all the small talk and only picks up the medically relevant talk. Every time I use it, it seems to get a little better. If, when, I get very busy and do not have the time to do my medical notes right away, the dictation from using VetRec is there. I've really only had to make a few corrections in what was transcribed. After using it for a little over two weeks now, I don't see ever going back to not using it."

Hadar Friedman

DVM, Seattle Humane

We just started using VetRec for our community medicine clinic. This tool is very accurate and not only helps remember what happens during all appointments, it also is an incredibly helpful tool for shortening the time spent on records. I anticipate it helping us increase access to care by increasing our time available to spend with pets and their families. In addition, the VetRec team is also very helpful and always eager to help out when needed. Thanks!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Sign up here and start using it immediately! Alternatively, send us an email at and we will be happy to get you started!

Can I customize VetRec?

Yes! Customize the templates used to generate your notes. Choose what information to include, the style in which is written as well as normal and abnormal values for physical exams.

I already use dictation software. Do I need VetRec?

VetRec goes beyond just dictation to automate the end-to-end process. Simply start recording the consult and VetWorks takes care of the notes. Plus you get a full transcript of the consult for future reference.

Does VetRec facilitate collaboration?

Yes! VetRec allows you to collaborate in recording and creating your notes with technicians and other vets. Pause and resume recordings as different people participate in consults. VetRec consolidates information gathered across a patient's time with you from history to medical exam and procedure into a single set of notes.

Do I need special equipment to record?

No! You can use VetRec from any device that has a microphone such as your phone, tablet, laptop, or others.

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