What's New with VetRec: June 2024

As the summer comes in at VetRec HQ, we're thrilled to share all the updates we released in June! A huge thanks to all the veterinarians who use VetRec daily and share their valuable feedback. Keep it coming! We're committed to addressing your suggestions and rolling out updates as quickly as possible. Let's dive into what's new!

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New Features ✨

Mobile Apps πŸ“±

Some of your might have gotten ahead of us and found them in the app stores already, but yes, the mobile apps are ready!

Download today: iOS and Android (coming soon)

Template Builder Updates πŸ“„

Since releasing the template builder a couple months ago, the feedback from all of you has been overwhelmingly positive. This month we added several new improvements including:

  • Support for fixed text. You can now add any piece of text within the template.
  • Sub-sections to craft even more types of templates.
  • Sections no longer require entries, you can have sections that directly serve as entries.

Template Library πŸ“š

We have started a library of templates that have been curated by our team. These range from simple SOAP templates to more complex ones like:

  • Dental Templates for both canine and feline patients
  • Emotional Medical Records to support Fear Free workflows
  • Call Summaries for when you have to do callbacks with pet parents.
  • Round notes for ER doctors and techs that need to summarize and communicate the information from their shift.

History improvements πŸ•°οΈ

To help support larger teams using VetRec and make it easier to organize and find information, we made several improvements to the history section. Including:

  • Ability to better filter visits based on date, doctor and visit name
  • Ability to manage visit owner after the fact
  • Behind the scenes improvements to help load information faster as you switch between patients

Coming soon πŸš€


To help you organize information even better, we will be adding patients tracking so you can group visits and documents under a given patient. This means you can more easily create multiple visits for patients that might be staying overnight or having to see multiple times, and have all that information organized together.

Multi-pet support

To better support all kinds of situations vets see every day, we are adding improved support for multiple pets. Our goal is that you can record once and let VetRec figure out the information for each pet and generate individual notes for each.

Improved Discharge Notes and Client Communications

Since the beginning of VetRec, we have always provided discharge notes for each visit. Those discharge notes have helped us get a ton of feedback about what doctors are looking for in their discharge notes and more generally in their client communications. Similar to SOAP notes, doctors also have different styles and preferences for their discharge notes. Some of you like professional sounding notes, others like more cutesy or playful ones. It really depends on whether the audience is a pet parent or another doctor (i.e. rDVM). Β With this in mind, we are revamping our entire discharge notes to include more customization and options.


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