Case Study: How VetRec helped Seattle Humane finish their medical records on time

Over the past months we’ve worked with nonprofits to give them access to VetRec, for free. We deeply believe in helping organizations that focus on saving pets in need. In this blog post, we’ll share our story with Seattle Humane and how they’ve used VetRec.


Seattle Humane was founded in 1897. They are all about the human-animal bond, and are committed to saving pets in need. They are more than a shelter, providing adoption services, a pet food bank and support for pet owners. All made possible through the support of a generous community.

Seattle Humane sees about 100,000 animals every year. They focus on providing services to underserved communities both through shelter and clinic services.


Seattle Humane’s mission is about the human-animal bond. The more pets in need they can save, the better.

They see an overwhelming number of patients, they move all over the state to see patients in mobile / remote clinics, creating a lot of demand from their doctors who still need to keep up to the highest of standards with medical records to ensure pets’ safety.

In order to finish medical records in a given day, doctors may need to spend extra hours writing them and making sure the information is well synthesized from all the cases in the day.

On average, a single doctor can spend about 2 hours after their shift is done just writing medical records.

In order for Seattle Humane to keep up with the demand and to see as many pets as the hours of the day permits, a better alternative to the medical records workflow was needed.

Enter VetRec.


We approached Seattle Humane and we were graciously greeted and toured around the facilities, they are magnificent!

We told them what VetRec could do for them.

  1. Improve the efficiency of their workflows by helping doctors generate high quality notes for every patient in seconds, this means, not staying after the shift is done!
  2. Improving communication with pet parents. Seattle Humane has been committed to creating a relationship with the pet parent and VetRec could help them here as well.

So, what did we do?

We gave access to all the doctors and told them how VetRec - an AI Scribe for the veterinarian - could autogenerate medical records in 30 seconds after a visit was conducted. Without the need to take notes during the consultation, or remember nuances of a case that happened earlier in the day.

Dr. Friedman, who has been using the product ever since, shares that “I anticipate it helping us increase access to care by increasing our time available to spend with pets and their families”. Which is precisely what we want to achieve, letting the doctor spend time during a consultation on what matters the most, the pet.

Moreover, Dr Friedman told us that “[VetRec] is an incredibly helpful tool for shortening the time spent on records.”

We obsess over providing the best experience to our doctors so that they can in turn provide the best experience to their clients. We have actively made engineering efforts to keep reducing the time it takes to generate medical records after each visit and we are so glad Dr. Friedman and others notice it!

Lastly, in terms of providing better communication, in a timely manner, with the pet parent, we built a feature that allowed Seattle Humane to not only generate discharge notes, but translate them!

As Latino founders we understand how connecting through language can lead to deeper relationships and we realized that this feature could actually be beneficial to other clinics and nonprofits, and it has proven true! We are excited to keep building and providing more ways for clinics to connect deeper with their clients!


For us, the fact that after a long day, doctors were able to leave on time because medical records were already done, puts a tremendously big smile on our face, and gives us the confidence that the pet had the best care, which is the sole purpose of our mission!

Seattle Humane continues to do a phenomenal work and continues to raise the bar high when it comes to improved patient care and client relationships.

As a reminder, VetRec is completely free for nonprofits.

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