What’s New with VetRec: March Edition

This is our first edition of “What’s New with VetRec”, where we will highlight the new features we have added to VetRec as well as what is coming!

New Features:

Feed and Discharge

Clinical Notes are only one of the paperwork components of a consultation. This is why we introduced two new pieces of content that we automatically generate from your consult: Feed and Discharge.


Feed - Provides a chronological summary of the consult including approvals / consents provided by the owner, answers to common questions like vaccination status and current medication. It is not meant as a substitute for a SOAP, but as an aid to quickly check details and have a complete paper trail of what transcended in the consultation.

Feed Events

Discharge -  As the name suggests it is discharge notes for the patient. We focus on translating the information collected into layman terms that provide key information for the owner like next steps, diagnostic and monitoring instructions. We can integrate any materials / documentation that you might want to attach directly into VetRec.


Add to Session

It is rare that during a consultation you get all the information for a case. Usually, there are tests that need to be run and input from different people to be taken into account. Sometimes, you want to add some information that wasn’t pertinent for the owner, but is for the case. We listened to your feedback and built the ability to add information to a given session. This mean that once you generate the notes for a consultation using VetRec, you can go back and add more information. We will re-generate the notes with this new information to ensure they are complete.

Collaboration Features

Since we introduced teams about a month ago, we have seen a huge number of you using it. Today, we are announcing features to help make teams even more collaborative.

  1. Collaborative history: The History tab now supports the ability for you to see the full selection of sessions created by your entire team. This means that technicians and veterinarians can more easily collaborate on a given session. It also means that practice managers and receptionist can access the session information including discharge notes that can be sent out to the patients. You can see sessions that are from other marked with a “building” icon.
  1. Search and filter by doctor: To make search for session more intuitive, we have also added search and filter by doctor capabilities. Easily find sessions that were generated by a specific doctor, or find a patient by name.

Coming Soon

EzyVet Integration

Integrating VetRec into your PIMS continues to be the #1 piece of feedback we hear. That is why we have been working on getting integrations ready. Starting with EzyVet! Using our EzyVet integration, you can add your VetRec generated notes to a patient’s file with one click. If you are interested in this functionality please email us at support@vetrec.io as we are starting to onboard customers.

VetRec march edition

Updates to Custom Template Authoring

Built-in templates remain very popular amongst doctors using VetRec, but we also heard some of the feedback provided. We have already made some tweaks to both the SOAP Notes and SOAP Notes with Physical Exam templates to better match your expectations. Thank you to all the doctors who have provided feedback!

A dog with papers

We are now making substantial changes to our custom template system in the coming weeks. The focus is to simplify the process of creating templates while making sure that the quality of those templates is super high. If you are curious to have a custom template created for your practice, please email us at support@vetrec.io.

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