What’s New with VetRec: April Edition

It has been a busy month at VetRec HQ and we are excited to share everything we have worked on. We also want to thank all the vets that have been using VetRec every day and making their feedback vocal. We hope we are doing justice by your feedback and getting updates out as fast as you adopting VetRec. Lets get into the updates!

New Features ✨

Template Builder 🔨

Template customization has been at the heart of VetRec since day one. With the new Template Builder, you can now ensure that the notes VetRec generate for you are perfect down to the last comma. Template Builder allows you to control the information captured and visual style of your notes with ease. You can provide instructions to VetRec AI like you would to another doctor or a human scribe.

Faster notes generation ⚡

We reduced the time it takes for notes to be generated using VetRec by 75%. Yes 75%! On average, you will see notes 30s after you have finished your recording. This means that you can have the notes done before the patient has even left the room. Pet parents have been impressed with many of the vets using VetRec as they get discharge notes handed to them only seconds after they finished the consultation. Only possible with VetRec!

Chrome Extension and EzyVet Export 🔗

After beta testing with 50+ vets, our Chrome Extension. we are releasing it out to all doctors! The Chrome Extension makes it easy to use VetRec while you are in flow with your PiMS. No need to jump tabs. Simply open the extension in the Chrome sidepanel and have VetRec and your PiMS running side by side. If you use EzyVet, the extension allows you to add the notes into EzyVet with just one click! By using our templates builder and the extension together, you can configure your custom templates to work with your EzyVet setup to import your notes.

Coming soon 🚀

VetRec is coming to iOS and Android

Using VetRec on your phone is getting better with native iOS and Android apps! The apps will allow you to easily record your consultations, generate notes and manage your sessions all from your phone. Be on the look out for announcements very soon to be the first to get the VetRec app.

Business intelligence for sessions

For the past few months, we have been gathering feedback on the session feed and learning about what kinds of information veterinarians would like to see extracted from their sessions. We are revamping our insights to provide for actionable data to vets as well as to practice mangers and medical directors. If you are interested in being an early tester of our improved insights, please reach out to us at hello@vetrec.io.

Patient Intake and Pre-History

Today, many practices depend on cumbersome forms or receptionists calling clients to collect intake and pre-history information. That data has to then be synthesized for the veterinarian and techs to internalize ahead of appointments. It then has to be incorporated into SOAP notes to ensure completeness. With these challenges in mind, we are working to automate the intake process and integrate the data collected into our existing VetRec generated SOAP notes as well as our insights. If you are interested in being an early tester of our pre-history and patient intake capabilities, please reach out to us at hello@vetrec.io.

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