Customizable and Precise Templates with VetRec

Within hours of releasing the first version of VetRec, we started to hear the same feedback from veterinarians:

Hey can you change the title of this section? Can you change the default value for this physical exam? Can I add a section with more information? Can you take my existing template that I have been using for 10+ years and apply it to your system?

As veterinarian professionals, you know the power of templates in the industry. Every veterinarian has one, it works great with your PiMS, you have perfected it over the last decade and it has been informed by 100s of patients and dozens of mentors. Templates are the way knowledge is passed down in professional environments for veterinarians. If you have an amazing template, you are the rockstar in your practice because everyone wants it.

Therefore, if we are building an AI Scribe, template and template customization have to be at the heart of it. What is the use of an AI Scribe if it will output a set of notes that don’t follow your expected format and which you will need to spend 15-30 minutes retyping everything to fit your template so that you can export the information into your PiMS?

Enter VetRec’s Template Builder.

VetRec Template Builder

That is why after hearing all that feedback we introduced the first version of custom templates in VetRec. Last week, we overhauled the entire system with feedback from hundreds of veterinarians that were using our template system. We have improved the existing system to better fit the expectations from veterinarians. Specifically, we wanted to ensure that:

  1. Creating and updating templates is super easy. Veterinarians don’t have time to sit hours to create templates. Template Builder and its built-in AI makes the process of creating and tweaking templates fast. Whether it is taking an existing template and importing it into VetRec, or tweaking normals, all it takes is a couple seconds.
  2. Templates work great out of the box. After creating a template, you expect that the AI system will be smart enough to use it. With VetRec Template Builder that is the case; no need to wrangle with the AI.
  3. Easy to share. Within practices, it is common for the best templates to be shared and used across several doctors. That is why we make it easy for doctors to share templates amongst teams and hospitals, as well as choose default ones to use.
  4. PiMS ready. Once the notes are ready you want to make sure you can add the information to the PiMS easily, so template builder is built with PiMS integrations in mind.

Let me give you a tour of our Template Builder.

Creating Templates

The Template Builder allows you to create a VetRec ready template in 30 seconds or less. It all starts with taking one of your existing templates or even a filled-out report for one of your patients, and using our built-in template AI to translate it into a VetRec-ready template. (Alternatively, you can start from scratch!)

Once that is out of the way, you now have an intuitive builder experience to finish making tweaks. This can include changing names of sections, adding any entries or sections that you want included, and modifying default values. One of my favorite parts of the template experience in VetRec is our instruction capabilities. You can think about these as if you were providing instructions to a real human scribe for what you want in the notes. For example, telling us that you want the diagnostic tests section to only include tests that were approved by the pet parent.

Finally, the template builder provides customizations to change the visual style of the notes. Do you like bullet points? Do you want titles bolded? Do you like lists or paragraphs? All of this is customizable. Once you are happy with it, you can easily preview it within the builder to see how your notes will look, and then save it.

The deep level of customization provided by the VetRec Template Builder has made it possible for us to support mobile vets, specialists, emergency, and general practice vets, all within the same system.

Using Custom Templates

Once your template is ready, you simply save and it’s ready to go. You can set it as default so that it appears first every time you are are generating notes. You can then go to the Scribe section and start recording like normal, and have the AI scribe use your newly minted template!

Sharing Templates

Templates are automatically shared within organizations. So when you create a template you can make sure that everyone within your organization immediately has access to it. This makes it trivial to make sure people within your organization can all leverage the same templates! (And if you want to tweak it, you can always make a copy and make changes that further personalize the template for you)

PiMS Ready

Depending on the PiMS you are using, you can easily adapt your template to be compatible. Starting with defining sections and entries that match your PiMS, you can then allow VetRec to know how the values map into your PiMS so that when the notes are exported into the PiMS, VetRec puts everything in the right place. (PiMS readiness is currently limited to some PiMS including EzyVet)


The VetRec Template Builder is the most comprehensive, customizable, and precise template system in any Veterinary AI Scribe. It allows for deep customization across the board from the information collected to the literal visual style of the notes. It is currently used by dozens of veterinarians across disciplines from specialists like neurologists and dermatologists, all the way to emergency and general practice vets. It does all this while ensuring the high-quality notes experience that vets expect. And we are not done! In the coming weeks and months, we are continuing to uplevel the customization capabilities while bringing support for more types of templates like dentals charts, multi-pet visits, and radiology findings.

If you are curious to take it for a spin, head over to and get started for free today. If you have any questions reach out to us at

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